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Content Marketing | How to Create Interesting and Engaging Online Videos | Guest Post

Posted on 7th August, by admin in Content Marketing. 1 Comment

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The following blog is by Joe Forte of D-Mak Production. As an expert in video production and video marketing, Joe has provided some great tips about using video as part of your content marketing mix.

Slideshows with text, audio or animation are definitely effective; however they are not even close to the magnitude of impact that a piece of video content has on the viewer. This vehement display of content gets the most effective results in a gradual manner. The main objective of an entrepreneur is to engage and retain his customers, and multiply his output. This he can do by displaying video content in order to entice the potential buyers and turning them into customers. The decade has seen a rise in digital video production content; even social networking forums and search engines use video display massively to enthrall the viewers. And with video search engine optimization (VSEO), you’re more likely to get your video on the first page of Google than static text pages alone. To ensure that you get fool proof results, you can follow these pointers listed below to ascertain quality content.

1. Be well-versed with your viewers:

You need to direct your efforts towards the potential customers. Do your groundwork and investigate about the likes, needs and wants of your viewers. Make sure you know what exactly they are looking for. It is essential that the viewers are well-versed with the content and they feel like a part of it.

2. Do not convey untruthful messages:

For most people, honesty and business do not go together. Very often facts are concealed, exaggerated or misrepresented to enthrall a larger audience. People are well-educated and can see through concealed facts, which is why the youth today does not relate to advertisements. However genuine videos do engage their attention. The viewers need to be able to relate to the video content, get true feedback and view true first hand experiences. You can also incorporate humor and adopt innovative and interesting approaches to put forth your point. You need not overdo it; just keep it sophisticated yet catchy.

3. Everyone Loves a Good Story:

You need to find ways to get your message through in a way that is engaging and interesting for the audiences. Everyone loves a catchy story. As an entrepreneur you can get your brand motto across with the help of an interesting story. You need an effective story, which the viewers can relate to with an explicit beginning and end. Remember well-begun is half done; so the introduction and the beginning of the story should be really fetching. You could incorporate with your video an interesting work description.

4. Mystify your product:

You can create an interesting story and keep your customers guessing. You can launch a series of these videos displaying content in parts. They not only start getting engaged with the content but await the subsequent video as well. Every video should be enthralling and have a novel, catchy approach. An added advantage is that engaging viewers with shorter videos is always more beneficial because you can lose a viewer with a boring longer video. Two short 5-minute videos are always much more efficient than one 10-minute long video. You also get enough time to assess their feedback.

5. Use a Common Theme:

To effectively portray your product or services attach a theme to it. Incorporate the theme in your videos, so that people can relate the theme to your product and services. This theme is the interlinking factor between your videos and all other promotion techniques you undertake.


Apart from this, you can innovate and use different interesting techniques to make your videos engaging. Incorporating latest gossip, current events and even the adding of humor to your videos will definitely have an impact on the viewers. You can explore various options but ensure not to overdo anything or make it dragged or displeasing. Your online video will be the perfect catch and will get a great number of views and hits, if you keep in mind all the above mentioned tips.

This guest blog post was written by Joe Forte, co-owner of D-Mak Productions LLC. Clients choose D-Mak Productions for top quality video production in Phoenix. D-Mak Productions specializes in commercial, event, music, fashion and corporate video production and is known for its creative style of video production, fast turn-around time and easy to work with manner.


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  1. [...] Content Marketing | How to Create Interesting and Engaging Online … following blog is by Joe Forte of D-Mak Production. As an expert in video production and video marketing, Joe has provided some great tips about using video. [...]

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