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Content outsourcing | strategies for content marketing

Posted on 28th June, by Tom Williams in Content Marketing. 1 Comment

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Should I outsource my blog posts

Find any group of content marketing professionals or search engine optimization experts and mention outsourcing. What ensues is either a lively discussion about transparency, marketing ethics and full disclosure or in some cases, WWIII.

I believe part of the problem with the idea of outsourcing your content marketing is the picture we get when we think of outsourcing. Our minds immediately jump to some sweatshop place in India where hundreds of workers churn out content as if it were a cheap Tshirt being manufactured in China. We associate terms like “poor quality” or “duplicate content” right away and we dismiss the idea based on quality.

The other problem we have with the idea of outsourcing content marketing is the idea that it somehow makes you a phony. I mean after all, it’s one thing to outsource some IT development or the production of a widget but outsourcing content marketing is like pretending that someone else is you!  Right??? Isn’t that lying? Isn’t that dishonest? Again we dismiss the idea based on a set of business principles.

The fact is, not everyone has time for content marketing.  Not everyone is good at content marketing. Some people just royally stink at it altogether. Should those folks who struggle with creative content and marketing be forced to live on the edges of marketing society yelling “unclean” at passersby? I should hope not!

So what are we to do…

The fact is you can easily and ethically outsource much of your content marketing. In fact many of us do it all the time. For example, I recently had a professional video produced that talks about our collaborative blogging platform, Innoblogs. I outsourced this content marketing because I stink at video production and editing. Is that any different than someone outsourcing the content on their webiste or their blog? Not really as long as you take ownership of the final product. For my video, I was integrally involved in the editing of the script, adjusting the storyboards and final acceptance. You can do the same thing with content marketing outsourcing such as blog writing. The key is once you publish it, you own it – all of it – so be involved in the creation, review and acceptance of any content.

Also, there is no need to go offshore just to outsource work. There are many talented writers, videographers, designers…etc. all around; you just need to find them. Tap your network, search for them on Google, use a crown service such as elance or oDesk or even try Craigslist. At the end of the day, you want to play to your strengths and outsource your weaknesses. If content marketing is a weakness – outsource that sucker.

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