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Driving Customer Engagement | Using email marketing effectively

Posted on 19th September, by Tom Williams in Author - Tom Williams, Content Marketing, Content Optimization. 1 Comment

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I am the proud owner of a mountain buggy stroller. Yes I am a man, yes I am proud of my stroller. This isn’t just any stroller – this sucker is built like a Ford F150. I’m talking huge inflatable wheels, suspension system, front wheel lock for jogging,weight capacity of 120 lbs with room for two!

Effective email marketingBecause it’s built like a truck I tend to treat it like one. Not surprisingly I blew out a tire recently when I took it a bit off the “path” and across some rocks. Although my kids thought it was awesome I was a little bummed that I needed to repair the tire – again. I went looking online for a suitable replacement. Since this was not the first event of it’s kind, I opted to pay a little more and get a more durable inner tube. I chose Monster Scooter Parts for my inner tube replacement.

As any good online company engaging in content marketing, they quickly added me to their email list. I did not mind because they gave me a good product at a good price and delivery was quick. As I was going through my emails I happened upon a campaign from Monster Scooter Parts that caught my attention because of the creativity and quality of the campaign. If I call them on September 19th (national talk like a pirate day) and talk like a pirate, I get 15% off my order.

This is brilliant digital content marketing for several reasons:

  1. Great creative email marketingOnly people interested in buying something from Monster Scooter Parts are going to call. This isn’t a “give us your contact info and win an iPad2″ play. You have to actually call them and talk like a pirate and your reward is a discount to purchase goods from them.
  2. It forces the buyer to take meaningful action. To get the 15% off, you don’t email, you don’t text, you CALL. When you call and talk like a pirate who do you think will be responding (also like a pirate)?  A Sales Rep! The sales rep can then ask a few probing questions such “…would you be need’en any parrts fer yer scooter matey? The point is – getting a potential customer to talk with a knowledgeable sales person is almost always a win.
  3. This is trackable! I don’t know what other mediums Monster Scooter Parts may have used to broadcast the talk like a pirate campaign but if their email blasts were the only medium then every person who calls in for the 15% discount must have received the email either directly or second-hand (such as email forwarding). This is valuable information for tracking the effectiveness of the campaign. Note that in the image, there is an 800 number to call. Another way of tracking this campaign across different mediums is to use a trackable phone number service such as IfByPhone. In this way, the email campaign could have a number that is different from the one on the Facebook page, the Twitter page and the piece of direct mail that went out.
  4. Lastly, this is creative. People LOVE creativity and this is just a nice creative campaign that is fun. Never forget about the fun.

What creative campaigns have you run and how did they go?

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