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Gaming Strategy for Digital Target Marketing | Blogging from Content Marketing World

Posted on 1st October, by Tom Williams in Author - Tom Williams, Content Optimization, Marketing Technology. No Comments

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We talk about a lot of digital marketing trends at Innogage. Today we are talking about Games! Game strategy or gamification is the strategy of adding game components into your content for digital target marketing. If you are looking to increase engagement, game strategy can be a game changer (pun intended) for you!

Gamification came onto the big scene around 2011. You have probably seen examples on Facebook and Foursquare. Adding a game layer to your marketing can add FUN for the customer.

Don’t think your target customers are into playing games? The Entertainment Software Association found that in 2011, 72% of American households play computer or video games. The average game player’s age was 37, with most gamers in the 18- to 49-year-old bracket. Interestingly, the proportion of female gamers increased to 42%.

Gamers and Gamification Stats

Image from Joystiq

So why does gamification work? What is it about games that resonates with so many people?  Simply put: Games make people happy. At the core, a game is something with unnecessary obstacles… like changing a tire, but yet they are fun and rewarding. Don’t believe me – just visit a golf course some time. People invest huge amounts of time and money to play a game that is covered in obstacles.

Games have a psychological effect on us. When we get really into a game, often we enter an emotional state of mind called “FLOW”. Street terminology for this includes being “in the zone”, “in the moment”, or “in the groove”. You may hear people exclaim “I can’t believe how much time has gone by.”

Time flies when you are having fun. Games are fun. The more time a prospect spends on your site, your brand, your product… the better for you and the better for SEO (SEO tip… the quality of your page has a positive correlation to the average amount of time people spend on that page)

Finally, now that you are convinced that gaming is valuable and should be part of your integrated digital marketing, how do you encourage participation? You add in elements of intrigue. Make the users work for knowledge. You add in rewards such as point, badges…etc.  You turn these rewards into social status symbols and engage the social community and most importantly, you challenge your players. No one wants to win an easy game. There is no glory in it.



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