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Optimize and Socialize your Content Marketing for better results

Posted on 24th May, by Brice in Blogging for Sales, Content Optimization, InnoBlogs. No Comments

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Optimize and Socialize your Content Marketing for better results

We’ve been there: month four or five of posting regularly on your business blog and you still don’t know if your online content marketing is working. Time to recharge by taking stock of your program. Sure, you could spend hours surfing other online content marketing success stories, but for more actionable results, let’s do a gut-check and see what is really under the hood with your digital content marketing campaign.

The first in this series of tough questions is probably the most obvious question to ask. And yet we tend to forget to ask it when we are in the thick of our workweek. What are your content marketing objectives? are you looking to increase awareness about your company or new product? Are you looking to encourage engagement with your customers? Or, maybe, you honestly just need more sales to come from your business blogging. Reassessing what the true goal for your content marketing blog will help you understand where you are on course or where you aren’t.

In fixing your eyes on the goal again you can answer the next big question: are all your content efforts integrated and working together? This, of course, is assuming that your web content marketing is not the only line you have in the water. Marketing, as with anything in business, never happens in a vacuum. Does your website mirror what kind of content you are using elsewhere? Is the message consistently integrated across your print, networking pitch and sales presentations as well as your blog? Is your content Optimized for search engines (SEO and populated with appropriate Keywords)? Remember: Optimized + Integrated = Powerful.

Now some of you may be saying “there is no reason to be so picky about my blogging for business”. Search is undervalued by business owners everywhere, and yet it remains critical to Brand Campaigns. Consider that 81% of people’s perceptions are influenced by search results — and 89% use Search for purchasing decisions. There is a reason why Google stock is off the charts, and growing. What this means to you as a business owner or Marketing manager is that, though businesses are still lagging to jump into it, most of your customers go to search engines to get their wits about them. Need proof? When was the last time you didn’t Google someone or something before moving further with it?

To Optimize is Continuous: Since the bots that scrub the net for content are getting smarter as well as being linked to social networks, it’s time to re-think Optimization as an ongoing feed that keeps your business relevant and on the crest of the content wave. This is where the potential of blogging for business really takes off. Being forced to create valuable content on a consistent basis is exactly what it takes to stay Optimized and socially relevant. This is why having a software system like innoblogs is the best way to keep your digital content marketing working at its best. Instead of you managing content marketing details through spreadsheets and luck, innoblogs does all the work for you. With its Search Engine Optimizer you can stay on track with your content’s web worthiness.

Another method we use to keep our eyes on the ball with content marketing and content creation is the Content Optimization Trilogy. If you can set your blog up to foster Discovery, Consumption and Engagement with your customer’s then your blog is doing everything it should for your business. If your customers can Discover new things about your industry through your blog, Consume the information in a relevant and applicable way while being Engaged with your brand (for a deeper and more meaningful connection), then you are a content marketing expert.

If you don’t have a dedicated person working on your content marketing, or you are getting bogged down by other things that prevent you from making the most of your blogging for business, then you should look into what innogage can do for you. Contact us about your content marketing and we will assess and evaluate a program for you.


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