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10 Ways to Create Content Marketing that Converts

Posted on 28th April, by Tom Williams in Content Marketing, Writing for the web. No Comments

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10 Ways to Create Content Marketing that Converts

Digital Content Marketing can be summed up with the following phrase: Stop Selling and Start Helping. Good blogging for business is rarely–if ever–about selling anything. Providing quality content and becoming a valuable resource is your best strategy for effective online content marketing.

But it’s not as easy as creating content that matters to you. To be a resource, the content creation needs to be done with multiple audiences in mind and content for different stages of the sales cycle. The problem you probably have run into, or will if given enough time, is that you created your business in a vacuum. You simply can’t know what your other audiences are thinking from your own experiences.

How can you discover your customer’s questions and discover their stories? There are dozens of ways to engage with people to get their take on things. But for some deeper connection and true sympathetic research, here are Ten Ways to aid the creation of content in your business blogging while persuading conversion.

  1. Attend conferences: trade shows and conferences are like a cross section of subculture. It’s as close to entering the inner sanctum of any group as you can get without actually taking an oath.
  2. Subscribe to their newsletters: Not only does this help your content creation (your unique spin on existing content is a powerful skill) but in reading up on what your target audience is experiencing you might find new points of entry for your service or product.
  3. Study your competitors: This should be something you are doing anyway, but in researching their tactics you can emulate what they do that is successful, learn from their mistakes and gain ground in the areas they leave open.
  4. Social networks: Twitter and Pinterest are a great point of entry to any group you might want to work with. The sooner you can get some face time with fellow interest groups the faster you can target your content marketing blog to speak their language.
  5. Join LinkedIn Groups: Professional groups can help broaden the menu you provide clients through partnerships and lateral markets, but LinkedIn can also get you in front of clients who might never hear of you. Linking with vendors and services you use can be a bridge to an end user of your product.
  6. Join Facebook Groups: Unlike LinkedIn, Facebook has a down-home earthiness that people associate with the site. By jumping in the pool with your FB BFF’s you can build some real connections that wouldn’t be possible anywhere else. Don’t overlook the power of humanizing your brand.
  7. Stay on top of comments on your blog: The number one way to gather information that is right under your nose about your audience is to exploit the comments section when blogging for business. Ask follow-up questions and prod a little for more information. Ask for comments at the bottom of every post to generate better quality comments.
  8. Check your Analytics: Keep your finger on the pulse of how people are getting into your site, where they leave from and to see what pages are getting the most hits. Your online content marketing generates specific interest. Targeting that interest can only aid your blogging influence.
  9. Use Adwords to locate new keywords: This is a little more costly than everything else I’ve mentioned, but if you want quick data that is truly targeted, you can use Adwords to find trending patterns and keywords that work better.
  10. Survey your customers: I’ll state the obvious, but the best and most effective way to get into the heads of your target audience is to ask them what they’re thinking. But, to get the best testimonials you have to make it EASY: ask them a few pre-defined questions on a phone call, type it all up and then send their answers to them for approval before using it for your content marketing blog.

How did these ten ideas stack up to your experience? Did this help you with managing content marketing? If you need more help or want to know more about content creation feel free to connect with us or continue reading our blog for more great tips.

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