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3 levels of strength for your business blog ROI

Posted on 30th March, by Brice in Blog Strategy, Blogging Tips, Writing for the web. No Comments

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3 levels of strength for your business blog ROI

We’ve talked before about how your business blog is a constant message being sent out to the cyber void for your customers to pick up whenever they are ready. This is one of the most powerful elements about online content marketing. But what if you could bait the hook that lays in wait; driving traffic past your diligent blogging efforts rather than hoping someone will land on the blog eventually?

In this post we’ve broken down the myriad ways your business blogging can attract readers into three main categories–what I’ll call “devices”–that will help maximize your blog for social impact. Whether you’re first starting a business blog, or your small business blogging is a main-stay in your marketing efforts, you can find something doable in all three of these devices. Remember, however, that combining your efforts will compound the impact made:

1. Internal devices: Starting with the device built in to your business blogging software, you can improve your traffic through the comment portal. Make inviting comments an automatic when crafting your content. While you’re asking, be sure to return comments as well. Taking a few minutes each time you work on your blogging for SEO, go ahead and comment on other blogs that share your industry, blog topic, or business model. The idea here is to get a conversation started that other people might join in.

2. Solicited devices: The next wave of effort you can include to increase your blogging audience is to ask for readers. Have people sign up for your business blogging updates, your newsletter, or to join a feed for your blog. A word of caution: be sure your content is reliably updated. Worse would be to gain a readership that only gets disappointed than to have no audience at all.

Business Blogging Tip: Frontload your blog with posts and topics that you can send out at your scheduled time so when you’re slammed. That way, you’re not scrambling the night before to have something to post.

3. Social Network devices: The final–and most involved–way to drive traffic to your small business blog or home business blog is to link to other social media hubs. Integrate your blogging SEO with your social platforms by Tweeting posts, updating Facebook with links to posts, or repurposing posts for LinkedIn forums. Not only does this cast a wider net for your marketing message, but it creates a unified voice. If your internet business blog is the hub for your business information, then it’s natural that your social media efforts should redirect to the blog.

There are dozens of apps and social media management platforms that allow you to post simultaneously across multiple platforms like Hootsuite and TweetDeck. With these tools, your posts will automatically create social media alerts whenever you post. Handy for when you forget to tweet but are dogmatic about your blogging schedule.

The goal with these three devices is to garner more readers for your excellent content marketing. Try using these tools in tandem with offline conversations about your blog. Leave us a comment on if these are working for you, or what does that I might have left out. And, as always, if you are looking for business blogging software to make your content marketing easier, check out innoblogs or follow the contact info above for more information.

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