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Are you an expert? Does your blog audience know that?

Posted on 15th March, by Brice in Blog Strategy, Content Marketing, Writing for the web. No Comments

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Are you an expert? Does your blog audience know that?

If you’ve spent any time at all in a single career course, then you’re probably an expert in your own right. With Content Marketing, you can capitalize on that expert status and fill post after post with what you know. Here are some quick tips for pulling the story out of your experience.

Trade Secrets -With a little discretion, you can give your customers some sage advice that will make them feel like they’ve won the lottery. Build content in a post or two around some specific secret that let’s customers get away with something. In the long-run, they will appreciate the trust and come back to you for even more business.

Content Marketing Blog Tip of the Day: One of the biggest AHA moments our client’s have with respect to content creation is that they don’t need to be so guarded about secrets in their industry. In fact, when you open the door to some lesser insights (don’t give away Everything) you move from being just another voice in the crowd to a leader. The return is credibility and thought leadership. Not bad for spilling the beans on how to fix that 2$ part yourself, huh?

Horror Stories – People love to read a good saga. Change the names to protect people, of course, but in blogging for business, your dramatic telling of some age-old issue will not only entertain, but it can show people how much you know. The sign of an expert is in the depth of knowledge as well as the breadth of their knowledge. Online content marketing that tells a good story builds expert equity.

In-Depth Reviews – You interact with the parts of your industry far more than your customers or clients ever will. It stands to reason, then, that you have insider knowledge on those parts. Don’t be shy about giving reviews on products or software that you provide for clients. Your blog can become a great resource for clients, customers, and prospects with this technique. But, use reviews sparingly–or better yet–set them up on a schedule (first of every month or so) so that your site isn’t just for “window shopping”.

Technical Prowess – If your industry has a high degree of technicality to it, you might benefit from detailing some of that information in your business blogging. Try to describe the information in layman’s terms so your audience can follow you; you don’t want to come across as arrogant, but passionate and knowledgeable. Don’t think anyone will read it? The internet has created a near infinite audience, so there are bound to be readers who will take interest in your insight.

Q&A’s or Interviews – Another great way to create content to draw your expertise out is in writing posts that ask pertinent questions to your business. And, don’t be afraid to say you don’t know something; believe it or not, admission of lack screams confidence. Most people completely ignore the missing knowledge and see you as even more valuable for admitting it. You can also interview people in your industry to tap their knowledge. If the interviewee posts the content on a blog of their own, then you’ve just doubled your reader base.

Being an expert can make your digital content marketing a destination point. Take advantage of the insight and knowledge your work-a-day affords you by managing content marketing in a way that is educational, anecdotal, and entertaining. Your business blogging will improve and your audience will appreciate your understanding of the material.

And, when you’ve built that expert status, try taking your business blogging to the next level with blogging software like innoblogs. Just think: there are many examples of average Joe’s who were able to leverage their knowledge through a blog to become industry leaders; you could be the next one.




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