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Content Marketing | What Innogage and the Summer Olympics have in common

Posted on 31st August, by Tom Williams in Writing for the web. 1 Comment

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Drew Dillon Innogage OlympicsIf you read our blog often, you probably recognize posts by Drew Dillon, Marketing Manager at Innogage. Like other Innogagers, Drew is an enigma of talent both on and off the digital marketing field. Whereas my “off the field” talents lie mostly in music, Drew’s lie in the area of power lifting. In addition to being an awesome manager at Innogage Drew is also a trainer and agent for Olympian Holley Mangold who lifted in the women’s competition in London this year.

There is another way that Innogage is similar to the Olympics and that has to do with content. Although we may have all had a lot of resentment to NBC for not broadcasting most of the Olympics live from London, one thing they did well was the content delivery. That’s because NBC is in the content marketing business.

Months before the Olympics began, reports from news outlets began canvassing the country talking to the athletes, their friends, their families… to get the story! To humanize the athletes for us so we could make personal connections with them. It’s one thing to watch an athlete perform. It’s something else entirely to relate to them on some personal level.

What does this mean for your business? You need a content marketing plan. Stop talking about yourself or your products so much and start making those connections. Get the content production out of the marketing department and experiment with other departments. I recommend getting as close to the customer’s needs as possible. Have you ever thought of asking your customer service reps for content? What about the engineers who build your software or your products? What about your sales team? Aren’t they talking to your customers every day?

Tap these great resources and get inside the heads of your customers. Then produce content that resonates with them. Make that personal connection. Blogs that strike a personal chord will go much further than ones that simply deliver information. When you write – Go for the Gold!


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