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Is a business blog narcissistic or necessary?

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Is a business blog narcissistic or necessary?

When blogs first presented themselves, the world wasn’t as hyper-connected as it is now. Most people didn’t frequent the web and even fewer considered a blog as a vehicle for commerce. Even the term blog–an amalgam of the words “website” and “log” or web-log–serves as a clue to how self-serving blogs were. And, because of this legacy, most people don’t see the true potential for business blogs.

At it’s core, business blogging has to be different than your run-of-the-mill blog. Narcissism should be the last reason you create a small business blog. Try these reasons instead and you’ll see far better return for your blogging seo:

1. answer questions: This is especially important if you are in an industry that is highly technical, or have been in your industry long enough to gain insider knowledge. blogging for seo this way means you would have the majority of posts simply answering the common questions you get from prospects and customers.

Content building secret: think of some of the questions you get from customers and then turn them into action items. Before you know it, you’ll have a full year of blog titles ready to go.

2. share what you know: Or, if you aren’t necessarily answering questions but still have a lot to share, your small business blogging might run posts along the lines of tips and tricks or how-to’s. These serve as great evergreen material that will make your content something people keep coming back to.

3. be a resource: Which brings us to our next reason for business blogging; be a resource. You want to be the name everyone knows and trusts in your industry, right? By building deep content through your business blogging, you can amass the kind of content that not only shows up at the top of Google searches, but content that also becomes the go-to place for people to get the answers they need.

4. call for community: Remember how I said when this all started out there weren’t that many people on board? Well, you’ve probably noticed that’s not the case anymore. Now EVERYONE is connected. But with so many people surfing, it’s hard to make sure you’re in the right wave. By creating content geared for a specific blogging audience, you actually draw people to your site who want to be there. And, if they’ve been online for any length of time, they’ll be grateful for the respite.

5. feed the bots: I would be remiss of my duties as a content marketing consultant if I didn’t mention the most obvious reason to put your information on the web. Blogging for SEO is smart no matter what way you look at it. The more you appear on the higher pages of searches, the more people will use the great material you’re filling bytes with. If SEO is peripheral to your content strategy, I would suggest using some business blogging software. We are partial to our own innoblogs, of course, but there are others out there. No matter what you end up doing with your internet business blog, it would be wise to seek out some good software to keep your content trim.

6. ok… brag a little: While all these other points are fine and dandy, the underlying truth is you can’t really blog without peeking out from behind the curtain. A little bragging is acceptable–if it is done in good taste and with moderation. Don’t miss an opportunity to share some praise about your skills or recent successes. You’re community forged from reason number 4 will appreciate being able to share your enthusiasm. Just don’t let it go to your head…

So those are just some of the non-selfish reasons to build content when starting a business blog. Please comment below if you have your own reasons. And know that, whatever the reason you blog, keep it quality and keep it up!

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Is a business blog narcissistic or necessary?

When blogs first presented themselves, the world wasn’t as hyper-connected as it is now. Most people didn’t frequent the web and even fewer considered...