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What is the best ratio of content for your business blog?

Posted on 1st June, by Brice in Blog Strategy, Content Marketing, Writing for the web. No Comments

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What is the best ratio of content for your business blog?

As this new world of web content marketing begins to gain familiarity in the minds of the masses, the question of what kind of content needs to be addressed.

When building your business content online, you have to keep in mind the intended audience. Well, anything you put on the web needs to be audience driven, but more so when you are using it to gain customers or attract prospects. Clients who will pay you. For these special readers–above all–you want your content creation to meet these three requirements:

  • quality – let’s face it, there’s a lot of drivel on the web. Don’t add to it–rise above it.
  • diversity – same old becomes just old. Keep content fresh and lively with new angles and deeper dives into the material.
  • relevancy – stick to what you know. Try to keep your online content marketing about your business or industry.
  • feasibility – don’t do a video if you haven’t got a camera. In other words, keep things within reach of your resources.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, here are some types of digital content marketing you can use and a suggestion of the ratio each content should have on your content marketing blog.

  1. Blogs | 50%: Hands down, the oldest web content marketing tool still ranks at the top. A blog is the best way to build a rich bed of content to give your business blogging enough weight it won’t blow away. We’ll say 50% for this because it keeps building on itself. Afterall, a good blog (with quality content) gets posted on a lot.
  2. Static Pages | 5%: Pages are like evergreen blog posts. They never get old, so this content marketing element should be reserved for your research heavy pieces that address core concerns or issues in your industry.
  3. Infographics | 2%: These seem to be all the rage these days. Unfortunately, they don’t offer good SEO, and if not done well, they really don’t communicate well. Let’s keep this at a low ratio in preference of better material.Content-Marketing
  4. Images | 25%: While infographics should be few, have fun with images. Be sure they relate to your blog, but images capture attention and break up large bodies of text for better readability.
  5. Videos | 2%: Again, unless you have the means to create killer videos, less is more. Even if you can do hollywood style videos, readers won’t want to sink time into your “channel”. Besides, embedded videos lure away readers with sidetracking suggestions.
  6. Links | 5%: Good quality links are like high-fives for your content marketing blog. They build community and deepen your content. Be sure you read the link you’re sending people to, and always set your browser to open the link in a new tab. Otherwise, your blogging audience will evaporate.
  7. Ads | -15%: Okay, so maybe that’s a harsh percentage, but the truth is, your creation of content should be the advertizement itself. Adding more will confuse your  audience and dilute your messaging. Save it for print.
  8. Memes | 1%: The caveat here is only if they meet the four requirements at the top of this post. True, they can be funny, but often times, the joke is too inside to reach your audience.
  9. e-Books | 5%: IF you can pull off a quality blog, you might be able to compile your best posts, add a little extra something, and offer it up as an e-book on your business blog. Offer it for free to give your content viral spread.
  10. Podcasts | 5%: Unlike videos, anyone with a smartphone can create a podcast. You can record yourself expounding on an idea or interviewing an industry expert and upload it to your site. The key to podcasts is consistency. Don’t leave your audience hanging with just one.

That’s our list. You can check out some others like this list to compare, but the goal here is to keep the quality content coming. change it up a bit or add some imagery and maybe a meme, but keep it coming. And, as always, innoblogs is a fantastic tool to get you started.

Comment below on your ratios. Do you have one that works for you? Let us know!



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