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Write attention getting headlines for your blog posts

Posted on 15th May, by dzielski in Blogging Tips, Content Marketing, Writing for the web. No Comments

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Write attention getting headlines for your blog posts

You’ve probably seen titles of blog posts with vague entries like “recent updates”, or comprised of witty quips.  Now, while this is great for your loyal blog audience or if your blog already has thousands of visitors per day, but these SEO free titles don’t index well with the search engines. Not only that, but that kind of title is really too broad to mean anything to your potential audience.

Writing an effective title for a blog post is like choosing the right net for catching your preferred quarry. Too big holes in the weave and your catch might get away. Too narrow and the net won’t reach as far. Let’s look at some key formula’s to put your title through so they don’t bring in the wrong audience.

  • Keep it short. Search engines are like children. They need quick bursts of specific information or their eyes glaze over and they’re on to the next headline. When blogging for business, make it two to seven words long. And only if the words are short.
  • Keep it specific. You want people to find your post, right? Otherwise, why bother with digital content marketing in the first place. The more specific your headline can be, the more likely you’ll attract the exact reader you want.
  • Keep it SEO friendly. When blogging for business, you’re net is supposed to catch more than just human readers. In fact, to get to those readers, you need to catch the attention of robots. Search engine scrubbers are hyper-focused on certain words human readers search for. Pick keywords that work with your online content marketing strategy to add to your titles.
  • Keep it relevant. A title like “15 ultra-groovical ways to build your bizzle” will probably only work if your site is a 60′s meets 90′s Hip-Hop topical blog. Think ‘timeless’ when naming your post. Or, if you’re going for shock value, be creative with how you use the retro creation of content.
  • Keep it active. Verbs really kick up the interest level with readers. Just look at any magazine cover the next time you’re getting groceries. Not a dull title in sight, right? “How to…”, “Ways to…”, “Be a…”, and “Don’t do…” are all great ways to add action to your title.
  • Keep it numbered. Whenever you’re creating a list or your business blogging deals with multiple ideas, it’s best to plug in a specific number. Whether it’s 2 or 2,000, people (and search engines) are pulled in by numbers.
  • Keep it interesting. Don’t use the same method over and over again. If your last three content marketing posts start with “How to…” try using another approach. Maybe change out the verb or come at it from a different angle. Mix your content creation up for better effect.
  • Keep it targeted. If your business blogging deals with the appliance industry, don’t randomly add a post about the best food for your labradoodle. OR, if you must post that kind of content, at least make the title fit your others; “Save Your Vaccuum, 3 Mess-Free Labradoodle Foods”.
  • Keep it up. Don’t stop being creative with your SEO titles. Drawing your audience with your digital content marketing is often about being catchy or interesting. The content you have needs to be high quality too, of course, but the title should not lack creativity.

Blog post titles are crucial in gaining the audience you need with your content marketing blog. Tools like innoblogs can help to pinpoint the best ways to gain search engine optimal content-including your titles. Contact innogage today to learn more about harnessing the power of content from your headlines to your baselines. And, if you’ve got ideas for improving blog titles that we’ve missed, comment below!

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