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15 Nudge Marketing Tactics | SEO Meets User Experience Part Two

Posted on 16th January, by Tom Williams in Content Marketing, Digital Marketing. No Comments

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Thanks for reading installment No. 2 of my short series on Nudge Marketing. This is a continuation of 15 Nudge Marketing Tactics from the New Media Expo Conference with speaker Rand Fishkin from SEOMoz.

To recap quickly, Rand Fishkin spoke about Nudge Marketing at the New Media Expo (#NMX) in Las Vegas recently and I was lucky enough to hear his presentation. I blogged about Nudge Marketing Tactics 1-5 in an earlier post. If you have not seen that one yet, I encourage you to read it first and then come back to this post. For each tactic, I list the tactic from Rand and then provide my commentary in the [brackets] to expand on the subject matter.

Without further adieu, here are Nudge Marketing Tactics 6 – 10.

Helping hand shakes another in an agreement

6. Remove unnecessary steps. [Instead of having a huge form with lots of items to fill out, break the form up into the most essential pieces and have the user go through a multi-page process. This may seem counter intuitive since we are accustomed to trying to keep clicks to a minimum but with forms, you can violate this principle. Instead, keep the forms on your pages really short and use a series of pages. Each page will appear quick and easy and people love quick and easy.]

7. The power of reciprocation. [Another lesson from my negotiation classes at Kellogg is the power of reciprocation. Reciprocation is simply doing something nice for someone, which puts a psychological burden on them to return the favor. One company Rand discussed sent out custom long board skateboards to all their high-potential targets. They told Rand their ability to get these high potential targets on the phone was 100%. Remember, if you give, you shall receive.]

8. Familiarity breeds trust. [People are way more likely to click on the URL of a company they simply recognize. Be sure your URL represents your company clearly and get your URL known! Also, be sure to use your branding throughout your materials. When users see your website or your content on any social channel, it should have a familiarity around it. This is why large companies invest so much in Brand Standards. You need to build a consistent and familiar brand image in the minds of your customers. Side note: I interned with GE early in my career. During that time I learned that there was a team of six full time individuals whose sole job it was to create, monitor and enforce the Brand standards of GE. Little known fact… the circular GE logo is called “the meatball” by GE employees.]

9. Use data to boost Egos. [If you have data on your users and can tell them something cool about their influence, they like it. For example, if you are a not-for-profit and users/fans can share your fund-drive with their social networks, try to track the donations that come from those shares and report it on your website. Your loyal users will become even more loyal.]

10. Leverage the power of Defaults. [As an undergrad I was involved with the Christian organization on campus called Campus Crusade for Christ or CCC. (recently rebranded as CRU). Although I graduated some 15+ years ago from Ohio State, I receive no less than 4 solicitations for donations from CRU each week. CRU is brilliant in their fundraising efforts as well. They track how much an individual gives and then customize defaults on their solicitations based on that data. For example, if I were to give $10-$20 on a semi-regular basis, the donation card may contain the following default checkboxes for donations: $20, $30, $40, $50 $____ other. However, If I donate hundreds or thousands of dollars, my defaults change and look more like $250, $500, $1,000, $2,500, $______________ other. The point is, by simply suggesting an option, many users will use the mental short-cut and just check the box you want them to. This is also a great way to practice anchoring, which I wrote about in my last post.]

Stay tuned to this blog for the final installment of Nudge Marketing with Tactics 11- 15!

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