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4 Reasons to Wow – Digital Marketing News

Posted on 6th September, by Drew Dillon in Author - Drew Dillon, Digital Marketing, Marketing Technology. 2 Comments

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I had an interaction with a business this week that blew my mind! At Innogage, we talk about digital marketing trends a lot. In my opinion, Jimmy Johns, the sandwich shop, is quickly becoming a leader. Jimmy Johns has made huge investments in delivering sandwiches. They have built out a great online ordering system, making great use of technology.

Clearly, Jimmy Johns has invested in technology, but that doesn’t mean it will work. However, Jimmy Johns made it work!

marketing and technology meet

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I have used Jimmy Johns online order system a number of times. A quick log-in and the system has saved the store closest to me and my favorite sandwiches. However, I just recently moved and the system informs me I’m no longer in the area to be served!

I’m not far from the store, but the system says “the store may still deliver to you, please call us”. I dial the number and I’m ready for a young kid to frustrate me over the phone.

The employee answers, “hello, how can I help you?”

I respond, “I would like to see if I can have a sub delivered.”

The employee asks, “Is this Drew?”…

I HAVE NEVER CALLED BEFORE! I was shocked… “yes, this is Drew”… WOW they had all my data right there from a system that read my cell phone number that I have listed on their online account!! They have it all connected, and their people trained how to use it. I had a sub at my door in minutes, and now when I feel like ordering food Jimmy John’s seems very easy and a safe bet!

If you don’t have your systems connected and your people trained you are missing a huge opportunity. Have you ever entered your information into a phone only to be asked for it again when the representative gets on the line!?

When a business knows who I am – I feel welcome

When a business knows my preferences – It starts a relationship

When a business uses technology to empower employees – the employees job becomes easier

When a business uses technology to be relevant to the customer – the customers feels the process is easier

Businesses are finding great ways to use technology to help their employees create WOW moments. This should quickly become the “norm” thanks to businesses like Jimmy Johns doing it correctly. Customers are rating “professionalism” on how technology works throughout their interaction just as you may rate a business on how the building “looks”. Every interaction is important. Don’t over look how the technology supports the process.

What great interactions have you had with businesses using technology strategically?

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2 Responses to “4 Reasons to Wow – Digital Marketing News”

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  2. J. Saxton says:

    I just wanted to share my experience with the excellent service I had recently received from the Jimmy John’s establishment located at 501 Grant St., Pittsburgh PA. It was my first time eating at Jimmy John’s and now I know why everyone loves your sandwiches. First of all, I had no clue how I received the sandwich I order within literally a minute or two. I can see that they are very focused on customer service and I speak for many when I say–Thank You. The staff at this location was more than friendly even with how hectic it can get during lunch hours. After eating such a tasty sandwich from Jimmy John’s, I had to have another. A few days went by and I decided to try getting a delivery from this location and not to my surprise, I had my sandwich within 20 minutes. Their service as a restaurant was impeccable and I couldn’t be more pleased. As a college student money is certainly tight, yet their cheap prices and friendly environment has kept me going back for more. They truly exceeded my expectations and I want commend them for that because many restaurants today cannot keep their service standards steadily high as you have been able to do across your chain. I couldn’t be happier spending my money there and can’t wait until I do next. In fact, I think Ill order right now!

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