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Content Creation Strategy for eCommerce

Posted on 19th September, by Tom Williams in Content Marketing, Digital Marketing. 1 Comment

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When it comes to content marketing and content creation, the most important thing is NOT figuring out what you will do… it’s figuring out what you WILL NOT do. For example, will you blog? will you tweet? will you create infographics? will you do video? will you chase the latest meme or hashtag?

Once you get through all the stuff you will not do, you can begin putting your strategy together. We believe you should focus your content creation on two main areas: campaigns and customers. Said another way… you need content creation campaigns that reach your customers.

So you need to reach customers with content, what kind of content should you be producing? Before you shout out “Infographics” or “Video”, let’s take another strategic exercise. What should your content do for your customers?  Inform them? Call them to action?

We suggest you create content that is useful to customers and optimized for sharability. If your content is useful and helpful to your customers, they will be happy and inclined to share your content with their friends (i.e. potential customers). So you get:

  1. Current customers that are happy and increase in customer retention
  2. New prospects introduced by loyal and satisfied clients

I dare you to find me a CMO who would be upset by either of these outcomes!

Now that you are through your strategy work, you are ready to move into tactics for eCommerce content creation…


Take your products and build them into Infographics. A “How-To” infographic for your complex products can be an amazing piece of content to supplement your E-commerce store. Many times people don’t purchase because they don’t understand. If you help them get up the learning curve with a creative piece of content, you will increase your conversions.


Add videos of people using your products – put these on your product summary pages and even product pages. A jacket might look nice on a white background but put it on a mountain climber and have him out on a climb. Instantly you have laddered up from size, fabric, color and into the emotional state of your customer. Your product is now contextualized into a story and that emotional link will earn you conversions.


Make sure your images are pinnable and create images from your products that will attract pins. Most people are not likely to pin a sweater or a climbing harness or a dog food dish. However, put the sweater on an attractive model, put the climbing harness on a guy on a mountain and have a nice fluffy dog eating out of the dog dish and you may earn some pins. Will these directly lead to conversions the way video and infographics are likely to do? Probably not, but it gets your products in front of new would-be customers who are friends with the pinners. The importance of getting in front of customers who may have never heard of you cannot be underestimated.


Do not ignore your mobile users. You can’t employ some content strategies (such as huge infographics) on a mobile device. Make your content “bite-size” and mobile appropriate for your mobile users. Make the purchase path easy. Scale your images down for page load speed. Figure out which subset of products are most likely to be purchased by a mobile user and highlight those.


Be spontaneous and fun! Just as you hang out with fun people, your company needs to make the online experience fun. For example, REI did a funny April Fools campaign with a cat decked out with outdoor gear. They titled it Adventure Kitten Gear. It went viral all over the place.

A special thanks to Paolo Mottola Jr. from REI who spoke at Content Marketing World and provided a lot of information and examples used in this blog post.

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