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How to Increase Revenue Impact from Content Marketing

Posted on 24th September, by Tom Williams in Analytics, Digital Marketing. 1 Comment

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Although you may like to think that Facebook likes are wonderful and lead to revenue, they probably don’t. People don’t really have meaningful relationships with companies. People want solutions from companies, not relationships. So how do you optimize your digital content marketing to provide those solutions, convert visitors to customers, and increase your bottom line?

Think of goals like gears, Business goals are the big gears, driving marketing goals that drive conversion optimization goals. Increasing your Facebook likes is meaningless unless there is a mechanism in place for converting those leads to prospects or clients. If your business goal is to earn a particular amount of revenue providing a particular product or service, your marketing goal might be to reach the audience for that product or service, and your conversion optimization goal might be to capture a certain percentage of leads from a content marketing outpost set up specifically to reach that audience.


Marketers tend to lose sight of all three gears and get caught in the “intuition hole.”  We think our intuition about our marketing is right so we don’t test it. We figure a bigger call to action (CTA) is better than small. We think a rotator on our homepage is better than a boring static image. In both cases we may be wrong. You need to test and tweak, test and tweak over and over to find out what works–what streams feed the goal waterfalls–and what doesn’t on your site. If you are in eCommerce, this should be a core skill set in your digital marketing team.

So how do you know what to test? Try the LIFT model (Landing page Influence, Function for Tests).

  • Start with your value proposition.
  • Increase relevance and clarity.
  • Decrease consumer anxiety and distractions.
  • Add some urgency to the purchase decision.

Turn any number of the above conversion drivers into hypotheses and test them on your page. With your larger business goals in mind, see if the changes help meet your conversion optimization and marketing goals. If not, tweak and test again.

Special thanks to Chris Goward from WiderFunnel who spoke at Content Marketing World 2013 and provided much of the content used in this blog post.

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