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5 ways your blog call to action won’t turn people off

Posted on 31st August, by Brice in Blog Strategy, Blogging Tips, SEO. No Comments

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5 ways your blog call to action won’t turn people off

If you’ve been blogging for business for any time, the issue of how to get your blogging audience to engage has probably come to mind. If it hasn’t, then you might need to reevaluate what the purpose of your business blog is.

Determining an effective call to action (CTA in the industry) for your business blogging can be both challenging and rewarding. In fact, assuming you’ve got stellar content in your small business blog, the CTA might just be what’s holding you back from killer metrics. Let’s look at 5 ways to look at your call to action that will not make people feel slimy.

1. Be clear about it: If you hope to build trust with your audience (and why wouldn’t you?), then let them know what you’re up to. Saying “click here to learn more” is not a good idea if you’ve got a paywall, or in-your-face sales message waiting.

2. Wrap it in your VP: Do you have a succinct value proposition (VP)? Some phrase or idea that sums up that unique thing your business brings to the table can be morphed to become a powerful CTA. Take your cue’s from some of the pro’s. Simple lines like Remember Everything (Evernote) or Start Selling Today (Square) not only feel compelling, but also communicate their principle benefit.

3. Make it urgent: Ever notice how stores always seem like it’s the last chance to get any kind of deal with their sales? It’s one of the fundamental rules of marketing. Creating urgency behind your offer builds a sense of importance around something that would otherwise be arbitrary. But watch out that you don’t sour your blogging audience with false expectations or worse: dull their response with constant urgency. Just be sure your urgent request is grounded in some real limitation and you’ll be able to leverage this tool effectively.

4. Keep it on-brand: Nothing turns your internet business blog into a bait and switch more than having your CTA sound like you got it from a sales seminar. Your brand voice should be pristine and sacred. It is the voice that your customer’s are comfortable buying from. Don’t let the call to action when blogging for seo to be a muddled mix-up. Trust your brand to be what people resonate with.

5. Give it some personality: The great thing about your call to action, is that within the constructs of brand and simplicity, you can have some fun. And, while it’s true that “buy now” is as clean and simple as you can get, adding some humor or quirkiness to it can do wonders. It can be at the same time disarming and endearing. Two things that go hand in hand with a trusted brand.

As with any content you’re building, your call-to-action on your business blogs should be quality and valuable. Take the time to make them a crowning jewel to your site and your blogging audience will respond without reservation. We hope these CTA tools and examples help you do more with your blogging seo.


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