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Comparing a search engine marketing blog to 4 traditional marketing techniques

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Comparing a search engine marketing blog to 4 traditional marketing techniques

I contend that your search engine marketing blog can be the most valuable tool in your marketing toolbox. But how do you know that it’s the best use of your marketing efforts? Well, whenever I get muddled by all the options presented to me I like to look back at older methods. There is something to be gained from looking at what has been done before. And, with so many different options at your disposal for marketing, it can be hard to tell what to put energy toward. Email marketing, social media updates, sales letters, business blogging, even your facebook page… where and when you should direct your efforts can be daunting. So, let’s look at some old school methods in relation to this current marketing tool to get a handle on your search engine marketing blog:

Search Lights

When was the last time you saw a searchlight cutting across the evening sky? What did you think? Did you wonder where they led to? Or what event was worthy of those beams? It may have been a while, but you knew that you could follow those beams to something interesting.

Your professional search engine marketing can serve as a searchlight in the murky haze of messages that your customer or client is bombarded with every day. Business blogging serves as a consistent beacon. A steady stream of ideas, tips, advice and information that brings value and expertise; linking people back to you. But more than that, by blogging with SEO in mind, you can work your blog to target organic search engine marketing. This can make your company the “pot” at the end of that proverbial search light. Blogging consistently with powerful keywords and meta-tags will bring you to the top of the search engines.

Newspaper Ad

This method of advertising is on its way out, but what its example does for us is this: things in print stick around. Most marketing efforts are a flash in the pan, but professional search engine marketing can create a legacy of value that brings people to you months and even years down the road. Your older blog posts can be re-tuned and used again later; in the same way that some news articles are revisited every few years or so. But one way that your search engine marketing news is better than a newspaper: it’s more personal. More directed. So in that sense, it is more like telling your friend something rather than letting them read it in the paper.

Word of Mouth

Still the most powerful way to attract and gain new business, word of mouth or personal references can show us a thing or two about how we should approach our business blogs. By posting consistent and targeted blog posts, people start talking. After all, you are giving them a wealth of things to report on. A well read blog can generate buzz; feed viral efforts; create fans, followers and friends; even draw lateral markets into your scope. Your search engine marketing blog is your best tool to drive consistent messages to your target audience.

Pre-selling through Content

OK, so this one was not necessarily a method that was ever systematized, but educating people on a product or service has always been a higher level marketing method that businesses use. However; in the past there wasn’t really a platform where they could deliver this kind of material easily. With the internet, and with blogging, businesses are discovering a huge potential to pre-educate their prospects with weighted SEO blogs. Professional search engine marketing blogs can generate customers or clients who don’t need another pitch in order to pull their wallets out. They already know all about it and want to get it. That makes the business blog one of the most powerful tools in your marketing toolbox.

Maybe you want to learn more or are asking yourself “what is search engine marketing?”. We can help you put this marketing tool to better use. Follow the link to our contact page to learn how innoblogs can equip you with this new old-school marketing tool.


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    Hi thanks for sharing knowledgeable blog.
    As you discussed above, by posting quality blog related to product or services ,business can be increased. Localwebexperts also did the same for my website and it really helps in search engine marketing.

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