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Content Marketing Success | Lose the Fear

Posted on 16th December, by Brice in Blogging Tips, Content Marketing, SEO. No Comments

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Content Marketing Success | Lose the Fear

Want to dominate in content marketing? Well, you can start by answering people’s questions.

So now you’re probably asking: “what questions”?

Well, what’s on everyone’s mind? How about Price? Problems? Comparisons? Which is the Best? What are the reviews?

That’s 5 posts right there. And those posts will drive traffic to your content marketing blog. Why? Because (assuming you actually answer these questions) you are answering the same queries that every business has. After all, you’ve asked those yourself, right?

When it comes to building links in your online content marketing, be sure to write good stuff that people want to share. Don’t hire some company to hand you links out of straw-built directories. You’ll want to take the time to grow your own links through the fertile soil of good content. It is the only way to qualify the links. And think micro-viral. You may not gain superstar status with your digital content marketing, but if ten or more people tweet, pin or relink it, you can congratulate yourself on having great content.

Now, you may have some trepidation when it comes to putting your material out into the real world for consumption. That’s perfectly understandable, but also just like those straw-built directories–it’s weak. Just huff and puff with the following realities and you’ll be managing content marketing like a pro.

Common Blogging Fears (& how to beat them):

1. I can’t do content marketing because my competitors will steal my secrets!
Everyone thinks they have a secret sauce, but the fact is your sauce is not all that secret. If your competitors have done any homework, you’d probably be shocked at what they already know about you and your process. This might be unsettling, but the more you focus on being the best in your industry, the less what they know will matter to your success. So blog about yourself and you can even talk about your competitors. The confident front will set you up as an industry leader and your competition will be so busy trying to catch up to the platform you’re building they won’t be able to do anything about the secrets you’re divulging.

2. I just don’t have TIME to do content marketing!
As with just about everything else in life; if it is important to you, you make the time. If you have read up on digital content marketing, you know that there is value in it. When you see value, you make the time. The law of averages is on your side once again. Like cold-calling, blogging for business is a numbers game. Set aside some screen time every weekend night or early Wednesday morning to build your web content marketing and you will be able to look back on an impressive bevy of work in no time!

3. You can’t measure the ROI of content marketing!
This fear is just a straight up lie. Naysayers have been downplaying the creation of content for online content marketing for years. Well, guess what – the ROI is there and it can be measured. It may be that they just aren’t defining the right metric. Evidence for the return on content marketing can be found, but like most soft-selling techniques, that return is like the tiny pebbles that create an avalanche. And that can be deceiving in it’s true import.

4. I can never find enough material to write that much!
Ok, fair enough, I can see that argument and yes, sometimes it is hard to find something to give your next post enough heft to sway search bots, but there is another way to attack this problem of content creation. Remember that you are not alone in your business or online. Look around the office for a person who can shoot some ideas your way. No co-workers as a small business? That’s fine, you can still get good material by asking other bloggers to guest post for you. This can be doubly good for your business blogging because your traffic will swell with their posts and the fresh material can jump-start your own wheels turning for spin off material in upcoming posts. Be careful with this tack, however, since they are more than likely going to ask you to return the favor!

5. I’ll never know if I’m hitting the right buttons.
Ah, so, SEO has got you dazed and confused? Too many options for keywords, too many rules to follow… It can be daunting for sure. Well, there are two ways to fight this and doubling up on both solutions will serve you best for overcoming this fear. First of all, you don’t have to be a programmer at Google to understand SEO and the search bots. There are a ton of great resources out there that will get you up to speed on what is important to know. The other way through this jungle is using a great digital content marketing tool to facilitate getting your words on the web. Innoblogs is one of those great tools in content marketing. Intuitive interface, keyword stats and suggestions, reminders and alerts for your content creation team, it’s all designed to make the actual blogging easier.

Overall, you should never let the fear of web content marketing stop you from making your mark on the web. Whether you change up your technique, shop out the content creation or embrace the world of online content marketing, you can always reach out to us for assistance.




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