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5 ways to find content for your content marketing

Posted on 17th February, by Tom Williams in Content Marketing, InnoBlogs. 2 Comments

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5 ways to find content for your content marketing

Whether or not you are computer savvy, your company needs digital content marketing. No matter the industry, client base, product or service you have, content creation is imperative to increased growth and fatter bottom lines. Not to belabor the point, but you can find examples of content driven growth here if you need more convincing.

The problem most companies have with building valuable content  for their business blog is two-fold. And, I’ll bet that you are suffering from both of these issues within your own company right now. The first problem is what our proprietary blogging software; Innoblogs, deals with and that is managing your content marketing effectively. But even before that, the single biggest problem for companies is finding what to write about.

Content creation is a barrier to entry that you should not have to lose sleep over. With the right tools, you can hop over that threshold and start creating content that drives customers to your site primed and ready to purchase your offerings. I have found and rely on five major sources for my business blogging and digital content marketing. I think you will find that these five things are not only palm to the head simple, but they’re also right in your backyard.

1.Brainstorm with your team

As far as backyards are concerned you can’t get much closer than your own colleagues. Idea people are in your office, filing papers, stinking up the fridge and answering phones every day. See what your employees and coworkers are saying about their job. Good and bad; people love to know the gritty truth as long as it is meted out with discretion. Get some good stories and some real world examples of your business in action to supplement your digital content marketing. The creation of content from within your own company can be an amazing resource that your competitor is probably not taking advantage of.

2.Research competitors

Speaking of the competition… you might already be doing this in regards to their systems, their client base and marketing efforts, but take it a step further. Read their ad copy, their business blog, their content. What are they saying to get your clients? Now, how can you say it better? Don’t plagiarize, but use their own words as a guide to help you craft your own content.

3.Expand your market

One trap companies get in to when they are blogging for business or doing any web content marketing is that they stick with the same old, same old. The problem with this mindset is that people are complex. They have other “compartments” that it can be strategic to edge your way into. Not in a subversive way, of course, but if you speak to people in other areas of their lives you can get the kind of sticky marketing you are looking for. Does your industrial widget allow your clients to get their work done quicker? If so, talk about the soccer games and dance recitals that they don’t have to miss as a result of your product. Next time they are at their kids’ event, they’ll think of you.

4.Re-tool previous posts

Even if you have die-hard fans who read your blog in its entirety every week or month, refreshing an old post for some SEO rich marketing you did before will not raise any eyebrows. As they say: there is more than one way to skin a cat, and with a little ingenuity you can rewrite that blog post about your stellar customer service to address how customer service is a dying art that your company still practices. Same topic, different approach and it reads like new.

5.Blogging companies

This can go hand in hand with the first catch-point I mentioned earlier. If the first four tips don’t warm your feet to the idea of digital content marketing, then you can hire a company like Innogage to research and create your content marketing blog. There is no shame in getting someone to help you, especially when it is in the area of word-smithing. Not everyone can craft a compelling sentence and you might not have the time to do it yourself. By enlisting content marketing or a digital marketing company to build your content, it’s the same as calling the plumber to fix your pipes or accountant to file your taxes. Having a professional copywriter or content marketer can at least get you started. You don’t have to commit to them writing your blog forever, but their input might inspire you to jump in and start creating content!

So what do you think? Are you up for creating content? Need some help? Feel free to contact us to get started building your content and start to Blog With Purpose.

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2 Responses to “5 ways to find content for your content marketing”

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  2. Jennifer says:

    I really enjoyed your post! As I learned in the seo training I recently completed, much of the content-creation process is an art rather than a science. That’s difficult for me, so I’ll definitely refer to your post as a guide.

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