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10 ways to keep content marketing from going cold

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10 ways to keep content marketing from going cold

So we talk all the time about content marketing and blogging in this blog, not just because innoblogs is a great content marketing tool, but because marketing through words, blogs, and SEO is a great way to leverage the internet for your business. Check the stats: Content Marketing is a heavyweight in the world of marketing.

But how do you keep the material coming in? And how do you keep the content relevant? I mean, flooding the web with more flotsam just to get SEO points isn’t going to score the points you want with the carbon based audience you’re attracting.

In an attempt to inject your business blogging with renewed sense of purpose, here are 10 ways to set a fire under your web content marketing:

1. Front load with tons of evergreen content - Try writing two or three posts at a time. One that is timely and two that can be posted whenever. This gives you a reservoir of material for those post days when you really don’t feel up to content creation.

content alert!

2. Set up a schedule - Have your phone ping you, or use a tool (like, well, innoblogs)to send you emails when it’s time to post. Get into a routine with your digital content marketing the same way you do with your email preening, facebook updating, or morning coffee. And, it’s just as important.


3. Use blogging software - Okay, okay… you knew this one had to be in here because of what blog this is, but really: managing content marketing is unbelievably easy when you’ve got the right software. And innoblogs is one of the best on the market.

4. Have guest bloggers - You’re not alone in this blogosphere. Trading posts with people in your industry, or who write for the same audience as yours, is a great way to cast the net wider and free up a post or two for yourself. Plus it brings new ideas into the mix.

content creation news5. Think of news breaks as blog titles - Get in the habit of applying breaking news to your blog. Start with industry specific news, as that’s an easier leap, but with practice, you’ll be able to take seemingly unrelated news and create content off of it.


6. Recycle old content anew - Copywriters are familiar with the term “respinning” and that’s what this is. Pull up an old post of yours (or a competitor!) and rewrite it. The knowledge you’ve gained since writing that post will have improved. Think of a different angle, anecdote to hinge on, or the material you didn’t get to the first time through, to differentiate the newer post.

7. Tap into a fan base for motivation - We’ve even talked about having your loyal fans go so far as to post for you before, but that’s another post. But even just asking them what they’d like to know, see, or what they think is great about your product/service, is a great way to kindle content creation.

8. Rave about your product/service the way you do when networking - You probably light up like a Christmas tree when you get to talk about work at a party or with a potential customer. Draw from that enthusiasm when you settle in to build your content. Imagine that potential customer as who will be reading the post–because they probably will be!

9. Rewrite competitors posts - Much like number six, try “editing” your competitor’s material for your own business. Tell the same story from your own perspective, with your business’s values. Be careful not to plagiarize, but springboard off their content into your own.

10. Just do it - Ultimately, when it comes down to it, just getting in front of the keyboard is the best plan of action. Being diligent in your blogging for business will be your best tool in creating value to your business blog.

When you think about it, the strategy of online content marketing is brilliant. That through the creation of content you can slingshot your business to the front of search engines while building a reputation of knowledgeable, valuable, industry specific material is the introverted salesman’s dream! Take hold of that dream and be sure to let us know what of these steps helped you obtain it!

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