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6 types of content and what it can mean for your business

Posted on 30th April, by Brice in Content Marketing, Web tools, Writing for the web. No Comments

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6 types of content and what it can mean for your business

A blog is a blog, right? Actually, no. Just as there are different pitches when marketing, there are different angles that your content marketing will take – depending on the style or method you use. Let’s look at six types of angles you can use in your content creation the next time you are preening your digital content marketing:

1. Staying power - The best type of message to send for deep content marketing is the “evergreen” post. Basically, evergreen is just a term to mean: SEO that doesn’t get old after the month it was first posted. These should be posts about ongoing industry topics, the human element in your business, or product details that aren’t going away.

2. Relevance - You may or may not be trendy, but writing about topics that are current, forward focused or a little edgy can speak to the audience looking for innovative information about your industry. There should always be some of this in your business blogging, anyway, but having a blog that focuses on trends specifically, or a post devoted to current news can build a legacy of being that trusted resource.

3. Friendly - Blogging for business is not unlike regular blogging. It is a let your hair down platform. Why not take advantage of this casual approach and be conversational? One perfect material base for the chatty creation of content is Topical content. Write a series of posts – or manicure your entire blog – to be about a timely element of your industry or something in the news. Topical blogs can be a great way to build a fan base.

4. Knowledgeable - We’ve said it before. If you have been doing your job for any length of time, you are an expert. Now take this expertise to heart when managing content marketing. The best way to promote your knowledge, without sounding like a know-it-all, is with a commentary blog. Imagine your web content marketing as an ED-OP column in your local paper. Expound – with some restraint, of course – about your industry, work, or even your business.

5. Helpful - I’m calling this next blogging angle ‘helpful’. The truth is, it’s a little more specific than that. The Technical creation of content can immediately place your blog at the top of search engines with respect to your industry. The more detailed you can be with a technical blog, the more people will go to your site for help. Take care to always pepper your posts with a nice call to action. After all, you want to be able to keep your business viable with the audience you’re building.

6. Social - The last angle that your business blogging could benefit from is the social angle. Let’s just assume that you’ve already got that spread of social links at the bottom of your site and agree that by social, we’re talking something more than a “tweet-link”. In this post the social angle is more referring to the inclusion of surveys, comment threads, and forums. The idea here is that your blog becomes the playground for legitimate conversations about your industry, products, or services. Let your imagination run with this, but keep the community your building through this type of content creation in mind.

So, there you have 6 powerful angles that your online content marketing can benefit from. Tell us what you think about our list. What’s worked for you – or what hasn’t. And, whatever you do, keep your content valuable; none of these angles will work with poor posting.


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