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OSU on Social Media

Posted on 30th September, by Tom Williams in Web tools. 2 Comments

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Tonight in Upper Arlington (just outside Columbus, Ohio), the Columbus Social Media Cafe is hosting a talk on the use of Social Media in Higher Ed.

Some heavy-hitters from The Ohio State University including Ted Hattemer (New Media), Shaun Holloway (The Fisher College of Business) and Wendy Phillips (James Medical Center) will be sharing about how they have successfully used social media in higher education.

The InnoGage team will be covering this event and pushing out real-time updates via our twitter account.  Please feel free to follow us  You can also query hashtag #osuSocialMedia.

The conversation begins tonight (9/30) at 6:30 pm EST.

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2 Responses to “OSU on Social Media”

  1. Peter Baron says:

    I missed the tweets. How was it? Any plans for a follow up blog post?

  2. Tom Williams says:

    @Peter Baron. It was very good actually. The convo was very real and genuine…meaning that the speakers spoke both well and tough regarding OSU, how they operate, their strengths & weaknesses…A follow up blog post is a good idea.

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