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4 Quick Tips to Make Pinterest Work for Your Company

Posted on 1st November, by Jennifer in Digital Marketing, Marketing Technology, SEO. 1 Comment

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Pinterest can be a tremendous tool for digital target marketing. However, one could make the argument that it’s worse to Pin poorly than not to pin at all. I’m going to take a slightly less extreme stand and just say that it’s important to Pin well. As you move forward with digital marketing campaigns or strategies, here are a few simple steps to make Pinterest work for you and your company.

  • Make your site a Pin-cushion: install a Pin It button on your blog (…you do have a blog, right?), make sure every content page has an attractive and relevant image showcasing your product or services, and invite people to follow your own Pinterest account. (Follow me for photos, fashion, food, and fat things that waddle.)
  • Don’t have a Pinterest account? Well, go ahead and create one. (It’s easy now! Back when I joined, I had to be invited.) Make a board (or several) for your products and services, a board for inspirations and ideas (for your own record-keeping, and to show potential clients your unbridled imagination and innovation), and maybe a board showing your company culture. Put a Pin It button on your browser task bar and get in the habit of pinning a few things every time you’re online.
  • Follow relevant Pinners and repin relevant content. Now, I confess that I’m not very good at this even though it doesn’t require much effort on my part. I am more of an external Pinner than an internal one, meaning I tend to pull things for my boards straight from the source websites rather than from other Pinterest users. But following other users is not just a matter of Pin-It-Forward: you can learn a lot about trends in your own field or complementary fields, and potential customers want to see that you’re keeping up with the times.
  • Publish rich, Pin-worthy content. Infographics are especially hot for B2B companies (source: Social Media Examiner), as they can stand alone on Pinterest or lead to more content upon clickthrough to the originating page. Pinterest is an amazing outpost for your content marketing efforts, especially for those in visually-oriented industries.

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