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Amazon EC2: Pulling the Trigger and Making the Jump to the Cloud

Posted on 28th October, by admin in Marketing Technology. No Comments

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Amazon EC2: Pulling the Trigger and Making the Jump to the Cloud

At Innogage, we use the Amazon EC2 Cloud to backup all our client blogs on our Innoblogs platform. When we need guidance on Cloud Technologies, we turn to SLF Solutions here in Columbus Ohio. These guys are among the best when it comes to cloud migration and consulting. That is why I was pleased when they approached us for a guest blog post on working with AWS and EC2 Cloud Consultants. I hope you enjoy this post from SLFSolutions founder and CEO, Shawn Fultz.

Whether you’re calculating Amazon EC2 pricing or just exploring whether migrating to Microsoft cloud storage would make economic sense for your company, you’re probably both excited and a bit bewildered. On the one hand, you are well aware of the drawbacks of your current hardware dependent IT environment. Perhaps your physical servers overheated, or maybe the upkeep is just exhausting your maintenance crew. Or perhaps you’re intrigued by the flexibility offered by Amazon EC2 or other cloud technology… or maybe you just want redundant data safety or security.

Amazon EC2 pricing can be tricky to calculate because of the complex cost-benefit calculus. Will the transition yield long term benefits? Even if so, can you make the transition? Can you get buy-in from others at your firm? How much will it disrupt “business as usual” and cut into your ROI? How much time and energy will it take to retrain your people to use and benefit from the cloud technology?

Why It’s So Important to Work with an Experienced Cloud IT Consultant

A good Cloud Consulting team can help you with your Amazon Web Services (AWS) solution. When selecting a team, be sure the goal is to get you a return on your investment and to make the transition to your new IT paradigm as simple as possible. The team should be able to assist you with understanding how to set up, use, and troubleshoot Amazon’s Simple Storage Service (S3), CloudFront, Simple Queue Services (SQS), Simple Notification Services (SNS), and beyond.

The Choice Is Yours: Invest in Amazon EC2, Or Stay the Course

Most people choose unhappiness over uncertainty.

If you’re unhappy with your current hardware-based IT environment, you probably know you can do better. But you might be intimidated by the size and scope of what it might take to move to the cloud. After all, you’re probably used to your current systems and procedures, dysfunctional though they may be. If you’d like to connect with SLFSolutions cloud migration consulting, you can do so at our website. I would be happy to speak with you personally and get you on the path to leveraging cutting edge computing technologies.

-Shawn Fultz, CEO SLFSolutions


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