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Make Your Digital Target Marketing Stick with Pinterest: 5 Ways I use Pinterest

Posted on 29th October, by Jennifer in Digital Marketing, Marketing Technology. 1 Comment

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Pinterest has a reputation of being the domain of stay-at-home moms or school teachers with too much glitter, hot glue, and time on their hands.  But the digital pinboard site is actually a powerful marketing tool, not least because of that vast female audience. (Remember who holds the purse strings!)

At this point, I will openly disclose that I am part of that female audience and far from immune to the allure of, “Ooooh, shiny, I want.” But I’m also a photographer, a blogger, a digital marketing strategist and a business builder, and the visual, intuitive nature of Pinterest lends itself well to marketing to someone like me. A few of the ways I use Pinterest, both as a marketer and a marketee:

  1. I pin my own photos to increase my exposure, using a handy little WordPress plug-in on my personal blog called, shockingly, Pinterest Pin It Button for Images, which I like because it allows instant pinning of individual images when a user hovers over an image. More standard is to add a “Pin It” button at the bottom of each post, which works just fine for web sites whose content is less image-oriented.
  2. I check out who is repinning my stuff by typing in , replacing with whichever of my digital endeavors I am curious about at the moment.
  3. I troll for blog, photo, and design inspirations. I can usually click through to the original source, and I often end up spending at least a few minutes checking out other things on the site, especially if I’m on the hunt for good blog fodder.
  4. I participate in contests. This usually involves browsing an online store/catalog  (as though I needed any encouraging!), pinning my favorite items to a dedicated board, and then posting a link to the board in the comments section of a blog post or message thread. This strategy delivers double the social-media bang for the buck, as I’m disseminating the site’s content on Pinterest AND interacting with the company blog. In other words, I engage with both the outpost and the home base, thus increasing my chance of buying or at least storing the brand at the front of my mind. (Click here for for more on social media marketing outposts and home bases.)
  5. And of course, I use it the “old-fashioned” way: to organize thoughts, ideas, wishlists, and daydreams in a visual manner. I don’t buy or make everything I pin. (If I did, what would be the point of pinning? I’d already have it!) But my pins show up on other people’s feeds, some of whom will repin and show THEIR followers, some of whom will repin, rinse and repeat ad infinitum. Out of the multitude that see the content, some will click through. Out of those who click through, a few will explore the site. And of the few who explore the site, there will be some (or maybe many!) who buy the product or book the service. All thanks a girl surfing the net in her PJs.


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