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What the Five(ish) | LIVE from Content Marketing World!

Posted on 5th September, by Tom Williams in Conferences, Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, Marketing Technology. 1 Comment

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Mitch JoelHow to Reboot Your Content For a Mobile World by Mitch Joel, Author of Six Pixels of Separation

Marketers today are terribly confused in the world of online content marketing. Everyone is preaching a different method and things are changing so fast Marketers are spinning.  What we do know is that there is a massive shift from indirect relationship to direct relationship.

If you connect with a brand (like Target) on Facebook and then purchase headphones (Beats by Dre) from Target… where is the directly relationship? is it between you and Beats by Dre? Is it between you and Target? Maybe it’s between you and Facebook? Who knows… maybe it’s all THREE! So the connection goes Beats by Dre, through Target, enabled by Facebook, recommended by your friends, to you.

The complexity of marketing has not decreased with technology – it has greatly increased.

Sex With Data

We have moved from linear data to a circular or even a spherical data model because the connections between you and the brand and you… and all you friends, and the brand takes everyone on a unique path. You need to master the ability to combine and conjoin data to better reach and serve your customers. In order to do this, however, we need to walk the line between PRIVACY and PERSONALIZATION. If you think or a moment that you are crossing the line to breaching privacy – Back Away. You must not break the customers’ trust.

Mitch Joel CMWUtility or Death

25% of apps downloaded are never used

25% of apps downloaded are used once… and never again.

The problem isn’t people – the problem is BAD APPS. You must provide utility to the users in order to win in the mobile app world. Stop thinking about yourself and telling people how awesome you are and provide utility to your user base. Get creative. Link your brand into that utility. Tie into your customer’s needs. Tie into their lifestyle.

Passive vs. Active Content

There is value in both of these mediums. Sometimes your customers just want to be passive. They want to consume with out engaging. Other times the consumer wants to be massively engaged. You need to determine when it is appropriate to use both mediums.

It’s not at advertising sucks… Bad, impersonal, brag-based advertising sucks.

Get Creative

Get Helpful

Find Success





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