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3 Content Creators for your Business Blogging

Posted on 2nd July, by Drew Dillon in Blog Strategy, Blogging 101, Blogging Tips, Business Blogging, Misc. No Comments

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In my last post I discussed keeping your blog consistent against all the pressures of work we already face.

This week I want to share 3 content creators that should always be in your mind as you go through your day. They might be a form of “zen motivation”… or just quick way you can get your thoughts out to a world that can benefit from them.

  1. News and current public events – This is a “no-brainer”… Grab a newspaper in the morning, turn on the today show while you eat breakfast, or scan your favorite blogs through an RSS feed to find and connect what is currently effecting the world to your blog and business. I have seen great jumps in google activity when you hit on something that is trending with the world. The post could be your thoughts on the issue, how you see the issue affecting your industry, or just a quick summary to of someone else’s article and a quick link.
  2. Comments on your favorite blogs – If the article on a blog you enjoy reading caught your attention you should really check out the comment section. This is where you find people expressing their views either with the article or against it. It is also a great way to start a discussion and attract some new readers to your work. Write a quick post on your views and then make a comment with your thoughts on the blog you read. Don’t toss the link to your article into the comment, but use the opportunity to make it your website URL when creating the comment. This is a much classier way to operate.
  3. Current events and struggles with those close to you - I am guilty of working a bit much and not communicating with family and friends as much as I should. Use the opportunity when catching up with those around you to be motivated in your writing. The best example I can give on this is when a friend faces a problem that is common in your industry. Use the opportunity to tell a story to your readers, and change the names and references if you don’t want to put personal information out for the world to see.

** Note I linked the above titles to my favorite resources to do each recommendation.



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