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4 WordPress Plugins that can dramatically improve SEO today

Posted on 30th August, by Drew Dillon in Misc, SEM, SEO, SEO Blogging. 4 Comments

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There are advanced processes in websites that can be made simple in minutes. This is one reason why I am such a huge fan of WordPress and the WordPress community. We all face the same problems and tasks with our blog, and the developer community responds by making quick additions to the WordPress system via WordPress Plugins.

Speed up your SEO with 4 plugins

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When I first started blogging I realized there were a number of things that I wanted to do that would make my blogging better. However, I didn’t have a deep understanding of code to where I could just start writing from scratch. Then I found WordPress Plugins and quickly realized you can treat the plugin directory much like you treat Google. Put in your problem and it will list plugins developers have created to address that problem! And most are FREE! WOW!

Here are four plugins that will help you address Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in minutes!

Checks your comments against the Akismet to see if they look like spam or not and then flags them accordingly. It is amazingly accurate. Unfortunately (but understandably) they now charge for it. It is worth it, and you will know it when you get your first 100 spam comments in a day.

All in One SEO Pack
Optimizes your WordPress blog for search engines (Search Engine Optimization). It allows you to customize the meta data for each post which is great for search engines.

Google XML Sitemaps
Generates a special XML sitemap which will help search engines to better index your blog, and will even deliver it to the services.

W3 Total Cache
Improves the user experience of your blog by improving your server performance, caching every aspect of your site, reducing the download time of your theme, images, etc. This will increase your website speed which is vital.

Add these four plugins and watch magic happen with Google. Two plugins are very easy to understand why they would affect search engine rankings, Google and SEO are in their name. However, keep in mind Google is also measuring site speed for user experience, and they will definitely detect spammy links on your comments so Akismet is very valuable.

Do you have any WordPress Plugins that are absolutely vital to what you do?

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  4. UDI System says:

    Few SEO word press plugins are really helpful and thanks for sharing.

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