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Business Blogging: 3 Quick Ways to Get Subscribers

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I heard a great debate today at a client site between to executive team members about their blog.

What is better… an RSS subscriber or an email subscriber?

The battle between the team members was one I have heard before. It reminded me of something I read from Michael Hyatt. A subscriber is a subscriber, right? Wrong…

Email subscriptions in the blogging world are the creme de le creme. It is your list, your asset, your gold that you should place into Fort Knox. With an email subscription list you have total control over the messages sent to your readers.

Here is a quick email benefit list:

  1. You can send a message to readers whenever you would like… with RSS you must write a post!
  2. Email in-boxes gain you a higher level of trust with your readers
  3. Email lists can be backed up… if Google has a hiccup you could lose your RSS readers!

If you are now reflecting on your blog… wondering how you can increase those email subscribers. Let me give you 3 quick tips that can get you started. And… 1 not so quick.

  1. Use an Email List Service – Yes, feedburner is free and great for RSS, but I love MailChimp! Mailchimp provides you with great control over your list. You can send an auto-responding thank you message, and also schedule a message down the weeks to remind them to take certain action and thank them for being readers.
  2. Above the Fold! – Make sure you sign-up form is above the form and easily visible. Check out some great bloggers and how they do this. A couple of my favorite, and the ones responsible for my list building, permission marketing attitude – Seth Godin and Michael Hyatt.
  3. Provide an Offer – This all depends on what you are providing your readers. Be creative! A free e-book? A free guide? A free song only subscribers receive?
  4. **Warning: Not Quick**Create Great Content – Reader have to value what you write… They have to want to come back for more! When you finally get in the writing groove this will become a much quicker process, but it is nothing to be over looked. Listen to your readers and give them what they want!
My goal with this post was to help give you a different perspective. Email subscription is gold… never forget it!
Drew Dillon
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