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Clear the Clutter: Unsubscribe from Email Marketing Lists

Posted on 5th January, by Tom Williams in Misc. 1 Comment

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I have many things I am doing in 2010 to make my life more manageable.  One of my first goals is to CLEAR THE CLUTTER.  My email inbox has become a trashcan and I need to take back control.


Many times I will read an article or a post and think “this is great info, sure, I’ll subscribe to your emails”.  Although well intentioned, the problem is that I am hitching my wagon to the person, not the content.  Just because Joe Schmo hits s home run and writes something I am keenly interested in doesn’t mean Joe will have the same success again and again.

In addition, many times I sign up for content and wind up with marketing messages being forced down my throat.

Marketing Crap


In the world of inbound marketing, there is no reason to have others dictate what I receive and when I receive it.  If you are on my unsubscribe hit list, please don’t be offended… I just need to get my life under control and be more diligent searching for content that meets my needs.


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One Response to “Clear the Clutter: Unsubscribe from Email Marketing Lists”

  1. marks says:

    I think everyone has the right to unsubscribe If you feel that it’s not working for you anymore.

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