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Content Creation for Business Blogs

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I work with clients on content creation continuously when they sign up to use the Innoblogs Business Blogging Platform. There are 3 main stages that we go through.

Content Marketing for Businesses

1. Implementation planning
2. Implementation/content building
3. Continue content creation and blog maintenance

During the implementation planning stage we discuss the the goals of their content and blog. Also, we discuss the voice they will use to accomplish these goals. These two building blocks lay the framework that we’ll use to be successful with this tool, and not to get lost from where we originally wanted to go!

Implementation and content building is the time where we build up some content for the launch of our blog. The developers are quickly putting the nuts and bolts together so we have time to prep. Since we know our overall goals and the voice or voices to use to get there, we start writing. See my blog on business blogging to build an audience and get SEO. It’s a good strategy. If you’re just blogging for SEO… then to Google we go to find our topics and keywords to use: Google keyword tool.

We build up about 10 articles in this stage. Then we start rolling them out after the blog has been launched. Now to maintain – feel, write, publish!

Feel, write, publish? – If you’re building an audience then you must be in contact with them. You have to be connected! This will let you hear their worries, issues, goals, etc. You’ll use your blog to speak to these topics! FEEL your audience… find the next topic. If you’re not building an audience then use Google to continue to find your topics.

Write – You know the topic…now it is time to write. Don’t have domain knowledge on the topic? No worries, do the work of researching and finding a solution for your audience. This is why they’ll come back to you. You’re working for them! This is the same process for SEO.

Publish – Don’t get caught up in wanting the blog to be “perfect” or a “viral hit”. The more you publish the better your writing will become, I promise. The more you publish the more opportunities you have to connect. Publish Publish Publish!

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