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Green Tips! You Wrote, We Listened!

Posted on 28th April, by Tom Williams in Misc. 1 Comment

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On April 22nd, we did a webinar entitled Celebrate Earth Day with InnoGage.  If you did not get a chance to attend, don’t worry.  We recorded the webinar and will have it up on our blog soon.

As a lead-up to this webinar, we reached out through twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and our blog and asked our fans for their best Green tips – no restrictions, no limitations to social media or other criteria, just good solid ways that everyday people can make a difference for the planet.  Here is what we got!

From Jessica Nicholas, @jessicanicholas

Use resuable shopping bags and/or don’t take bags for purchases of just a few items.

From Kris Gallagher (DePaul)  @kgallagher

Cold Water Tide. 90% of energy in a load is heating the water. CWT lets you do it all cold (& less sorting).

From Wassan Humadi  @aljamiat

Cute fabric grocery bags (make you remember to take them to store)

Live near your work DRIVE LESS!

From Sara Rampersaud, who wins the award for the most green tips!  @GreenSara

Enable power management modes on computers (Climate Savers Computing Initiative estimates savings for desktop computers to be more than 600 kilowatt-hours of electricity and about $60 annually in energy costs per computer).

Implement a ‘one light per person per room’ rule to assure lights aren’t left on.

Better yet, utilize natural daylight where possible and do away with lights wherever possible.

Compost! It cuts hauling fees (mostly for businesses), cuts methane emissions in landfills and makes a wicked garden additive!

Recycle (duh).

Install low-flow aerators (which typically run a couple bucks a piece) to drastically cut water consumption.

Print double-sided

Thanks to those above for their great GREEN ideas.  I would like to personally challenge you to find TWO things above that you are not currently doing and make them a habit.  Every little bit helps!

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One Response to “Green Tips! You Wrote, We Listened!”

  1. david says:

    “Recycle (duh).”

    No, Sara, it’s not so obvious. Please direct me to a scientific paper which refutes the claim that paper recycling (for example) puts more pollutants in the air than new paper production. Be clear: I’m not saying that I believe this claim, only that the opposite is not — and must not be allowed to become — an article of faith. Someone somewhere should have access to the kind of study I require to justify buying the extra trashcans.

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