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innoblogs’ mention got us thinking | Special Post

Posted on 11th February, by Brice in Honors / Awards, InnoBlogs, Marketing Technology, Misc, Web tools. No Comments

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innoblogs’ mention got us thinking | Special Post

A recent mention of our new marketing technology innoblogs, has got me thinking of another way to drive readership and gain the marketing and technology edge for your content marketing. Read on to see how to diplomatically accept accolades in a way that doesn’t come across as haughty or somehow upset your blog audience.

If you are spending any time on the web with your business blogging or content marketing, you will eventually incur some degree of attention. If the attention is positive and unsolicited, your first thought might be to shout “Look at Us!”. And, although a humble appreciation might be acceptable, consider seizing this opportunity to give a little more.

Call Attention to the Business That Mentioned You :  We all like traffic when we can get it; it’s what content marketing is all about. And free traffic is even better, so take a moment to mention the attention getting blog by name. Provide a link, of course, and give a little background to the blog as well. And, if you can leave a comment, or email the author, all the better:

“The awesome content management software company Docurated has mentioned us in their top 49 best content management software list. Docurated is the leading software for organizing and managing the massive amounts of content that large marketing departments have to deal with. Follow the link on their name to learn more about them, and check out their post to see our mention.”

Social Media-ize it : No shame in adding twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, or Facebook to your modes of praising the blog. Remember to draw attention to the blog itself, THEN your being mentioned. Not the other way around. Give them props for having some value before you were mentioned by them. If it’s a simple retweet, that can work, too. Usually the blog responsible is the first name in the retweet, and that will drive your followers to their site.

Give Some Background to the Accolades : This is especially important when the praise you’ve received is not exactly obvious. Maybe the mention is pertaining to something specific within your industry, or some lesser known aspect of your business. Explaining details or pertinent information about the mention in layman’s terms can help your audience appreciate it more. If the mention made is obvious, however, just linking to the post should suffice.

Build a Value-Added Post Around the Mention : It’s been said time and again in innoblogs business blogging; Content Marketing should always add value. This is no exception. As we have done with this post, the fact that we were mentioned simply provides another opportunity for us to bring valuable information to our blog audience. Maybe you’ve been mentioned as a community leader; write a post about how leading the way can build trust. Got kudos for writing a killer post? Describe the steps to drafting that winner post. Praised for having a great content management tool? Write a post about building content around accepting the praise.

Be Appreciative : This should really go without saying, but sadly, we can get so caught up in pointing to our awards that we lose the humble thanks that should be our first and last words. Unfortunately, in our culture, you are more likely to get bad comments than good ones. All the more reason to be openly thankful for the praise you do get!

We are honored to be named among the top 49 best content management tools by Docurated. Knowing that this company has a keen eye for software that can truly help businesses with their content marketing, tells us we have been doing something right. Thanks, Docurated!

To learn more about what Docurated sees in us or to put the innoblogs business blogging platform tool in your own hands, please visit





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