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Social Media Marketing – how big is it and how to use it

Posted on 18th June, by dzielski in Misc. 3 Comments

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By now most of us have heard the term “Social Media Marketing”. Some of us are probably even using it, hopefully a good amount effectively. But there are still some that say that it’s just not that important or not that big. But the sheer numbers may surprise you.

Twitter grew 3,000 percent in April of 2009. Facebook hosted 61.2 million visitors in March. LinkedIn counts 20 million users worldwide.

With a potential marketing channel that big, it’s no wonder both big and small business owners are looking to unlock the secrets of social media as another way to get the word out about their businesses.  Because many of these social media accounts (and potential clients) are free, this adds to the appeal.  It can be relatively cheap to start a social media campaign, so it’s a way for a company – when they don’t have a lot of marketing dollars – to start to market their products or services.

But there is one thing that often gets overlooked, you have to do it right. “Marketing has fundamentally changed, so companies have to work even harder to get someone to buy their product,” Charlene Li says, an expert on emerging technologies and social media. “Just putting your product in a new medium isn’t going to work; you have to talk to customers in a different way through these different channels.”

Social media is not all about the hard sell either. Social media can be used to engage, educate, entertain and enrich your customers, clients or members. It’s about building trust and relationships. Once you do this, sales will follow. Chris Garrett said in best his seminar at the Social Media Success Summit 2009, “Content is the currency of Social Media”.

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