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Is Voicemail Becoming Obsolete?

Posted on 2nd March, by Tom Williams in Misc. 2 Comments

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I admit it – I still leave voicemails.  However, I have found myself hanging up on voicemails more and more lately.  I don’t do this because what I have to say is unimportant…just the opposite usually.  I have information that is too urgent to drop it into someone’s voicemail box.

Voicemail Monster

Voicemail Monster

So, instead of trying to call again and again or simply giving up on the first try, I hang up on the automated voicemail and  immediately employ any number of OTHER communication vehicles to reach my target.  These could include cell phones or text messages; emails or twitter!

One more thing about voicemail… It’s been around for a LONG TIME folks.   You don’t need to be all polite and thank me for calling.  You definitely don’t need to tell me to leave my name and number after the freaking Beep, and I assume that you will call me back at “your earliest convenience” – so scrap that line too.  If you actually want me to leave you a message, just say “This is [insert name here]  please leave a message”.  Done.

I decided to do a little experiment on myself recently.  I counted how many different ways someone can get in touch with me.  Depending on how well you know me, there are a huge number of ways to reach me, should you get the dreaded voicemail.

  1. My physical office (you could stop by)
  2. Direct Office phone
  3. The InnoGage 1-800 number
  4. Home phone
  5. Cell phone
  6. Google Voice Number
  7. Fax
  8. Text message
  9. AOL IM
  10. Facebook IM
  11. Facebook message
  12. Twitter @me
  13. Twitter DM (which also sends me an SMS on my phone)
  14. InnoGage Email Account
  15. Gmail Account
  16. Yahoo Email Account (yes, I have one…had it since 1994…can’t give it up)
  17. GoogleTalk
  18. Foursquare
  19. LinkedIn
  20. Skype call
  21. Skype IM
  22. Comment on the InnoGage blog
  23. ‘Contact’ form on the InnoGage website
  24. Message via YouTube Channel
  25. Message via Vimeo Channel
  26. Message via Flickr Channel
  27. Message via SlideShare account
  28. Message via my Delicious account
  29. GoogleWave
  30. GoogleBuzz

So, drop me a voicemail if you must, but if you really need to reach me…you know how to find me!!

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2 Responses to “Is Voicemail Becoming Obsolete?”

  1. Heidi Miller says:


    So true! We did a survey recently, and it seems that very few people actually rely on voicemail consistently for messaging. And as your post so amply shows, there are about a zillion other ways to contact people and get the message. So why on earth would we rely on voicemail alone, except for the fact that we always have?

    If you’re curious, the voicemail survey results are posted here:

  2. Andy says:

    It’s a usability issue. VM takes longer to access than text. I get the same feeling when I arrive at a web page with just one large video embedded on it. It’s annoying. I can’t skim through a video.

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