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If you want to be found by search engines and recognized as a thought leader in your industry, there is no finer tool than the corporate blog.

If executed properly, your blog can be a testament to your work, your expertise and provide a great “human” feel to your company. Well-done blogs are also search engine magnets because of their fresh content and their propensity to attract inbound links. A poorly executed blog, however, is worse than no blog at all. So what’s the solution?

Innoblogs is our premier collaborative corporate blogging platform. Innoblogs allows a company or organization to use blogging across all departments to attract and convert customers through targeted search engine optimization and our 3-tiered customer conversion engine. Click here to read more about the other benefits of Innoblogs.

What you will receive out of the box:

  • An integrated Editorial Calendar and Workflow to help you manage content contributors across your company
  • Contextual Relevant calls-to-action (CTAs) that append automatically to the bottom of each blog post
  • Auto-linking technology that links keywords from your blog posts to informative pages or eCommerce purchase pages
  • Real-time SEO analysis of blog content that provides improvement feedback to authors
  • Ongoing unlimited support from the Innogage team

Click here for a complete list of features.

Want to know more? Contact us to see if Innoblogs is right for your business.

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We believe in blogging - that's why we built the Innoblogs business blogging platform. Our blog is about all things digital marketing. Whether you are interested in blogging, search marketing, content marketing or the latest technologies, you'll find it on the Innogage blog!

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