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As valuable as a blog to your business can be, blogs can also be a PAIN IN THE NECK! So why would any company invest the time, expense and effort to run a corporate blog? The same reason you do anything of value… because it’s worth It!

Like any marketing or PR effort, a business blog can be executed successfully or poorly. We studied why business blogs flounder and fail and then we built our collaborative blogging platform, Innoblogs, to fix those problems. Some blogging problems are technical and some are human behavior. Innoblogs fixes both types.

Innoblogs - Blogging for business

Problem: A business blog is too much burden for one person.

Solution: Innoblogs collaborative blog software makes it possible for a team of writers to produce relevant, SEO-focused content for your business blog.

Innoblogs - Blogging for corporate

Problem: It’s too hard to manage a team of writers.

Solution: Innoblogs makes it easy to handle any size team. We don’t charge per-user or per-seat because the more writers you load, the better Innoblogs works! Your contributors can pass their posts through an editor before publishing, and writers don’t need any coding or programming knowledge to post.

Innoblogs - Blogging with multiple author management

Problem: Our people won’t remember to write.

Solution: Innoblogs will send automatic e-mail reminders to your content team reminding them to write and even giving them suggested topics to write about! Every writer can be on their own unique schedule – Innoblogs keeps track of everything.

Innoblogs - Blogging for business

Problem: There is too much content out there already, no one will read ours.

Solution: Innoblogs unique technology helps you break through the clutter, keeping your content on track and coaching your writers in real time to ensure their posts are optimized for the right key words and phrases so you are found by Search Engines.

Innoblogs - Blogging for corporate

Problem: No one will know what to write about

Solution: Plan out your content months in advance with the Drag & Drop Editorial Calendar. Assign topics in strategic groups to specific writers with due dates and even a custom reminder schedule to ensure the blogs are completed on time.

Innoblogs - Blogging with multiple author management

Problem: Blogs don’t result in any real or measurable Return on Investment

Solution: Innoblogs has a 3-tiered conversion system that converts your readers into loyal customers. In fact, Innoblogs customers have enjoyed ROI as high as 80% with a conversion rate, 50% higher than straight Google searches.


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We believe in blogging - that's why we built the Innoblogs business blogging platform. Our blog is about all things digital marketing. Whether you are interested in blogging, search marketing, content marketing or the latest technologies, you'll find it on the Innogage blog!

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