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Two flavors: Standard and Professional.

Blogging software for Education

Innoblogs Standard: $400/mo

Innoblogs Standard is best suited for organizations who care about managing a team of bloggers more than driving an explicit return on investment (ROI). Workflow, security and good solid SEO are valued. Good candidates for our Standard version include career schools, universities and non-profit organizations such as churches or government entities.


Business Blogging Software for Corporate

Innoblogs Professional: $600/mo

Innoblogs Professional is best suited for companies who want to use content marketing to build their brand, be known as knowledge experts in their industry and most importantly, drive revenue growth.  Good candidates for our Professional version include small businesses who want to involve a majority of their team in content creation as well as most medium and large size companies.

The biggest differences between Innoblogs Standard and Innoblogs Professional are the customer conversion elements and customer support. The chart below outlines the different plans:


Innoblogs - Blogging for business

Want to know which solution is best for your business or organization? Need a detailed estimate? Contact us for more information!


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