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A well-thought out Social Media Strategy can be a tremendous boost to your Digital Marketing Efforts.

We refer to social media sites as “Outposts”. This is because although you are permitted to post content on these channels, you do not own these channels or web properties. Some examples include Facebook timelines or pages, Twitter accounts, YouTube channels, and Pinterest boards.

How many “Outposts” do you currently have that lead back to the digital properties your company actually owns?

Many social media Outposts have large (and often vocal) user populations and are designed to share content between users. How can you tell if you are making the most out of your social media efforts? Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do we know how to find out if our prospects are currently using a social media platform?
  • Do we have a system in place to create relevant content for our prospects on different mediums?
  • Do we own a website or blog to which we can send prospects and a way to capture lead information?
  • Can we capture prospect information from social networks right now?
  • Can we show that social media is leading to the success of our online goals?
  • If people are talking about your company or products on social channels do you know what they are saying?

If you answered no to any of these questions we encourage you to look into the opportunity of using social media as to generate leads. We would love to help you setup systems in this area for success!

Word to the Wise: Many businesses, especially start-ups, may wonder whether it is enough to just have a Facebook page or Twitter feed. While these systems are user-friendly and come with heavy traffic, you have very little control over the way content is delivered and presented. If the system suddenly starts charging per post or per view, your web presence can severely diminish overnight and you have nothing to fall back on. That’s why we recommend investing in your own web presence, even a basic blog or site, and cross-posting content from your home base to your social media outposts. (Don’t worry, we can help!)

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