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The way your prospects interact with your digital assets sets up success or failure for all your digital marketing goals.

Most users decide within seconds of landing on a page whether they are going to stay or leave. As our attention spans continue to decrease, the the user experience (UX) becomes increasingly more important. A poor web design, bad navigation or confusing path may frustrate your website visitors right off your site and onto your competitors page!

All that content marketing, inbound marketing and lead nurturing doesn’t do any good if you blow it when the users finally get on your site and landing pages.

  • Are users hitting your homepage or a valuable landing page?
  • Are certain areas of your site confusing?
  • Are images or links broken or misdirected?
  • Are users trying to click something that has no function?
  • Do some pages convert better than others because of small changes in fonts, positioning, and colors?
  • What questions are users asking, and does your site answer them quickly?

Get all these questions answered through our User Experience Audit. Your team will have the answers to fix the user experience quickly. If you don’t have the skills in-house to execute on our recommendations, we will partner with you to improve your user experience – leading to increased conversions.

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