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At Innogage, we don’t just throw a tool at you and wish you the best. We assess your business goals and marketing strategies, and apply our technical and process knowledge to figure out how to best use digital marketing technology to effectively reach your audience and convert them to customers. Whether we implement SEO/SEM, Social Media, Content Marketing or other inbound marketing strategies,¬†we come along for the ride¬†and ensure everything goes according to plan.

Strategy, Process, Technology, and Metrics - Innogage Digital Marketing

Strategy: We take time to understand the specific needs and goals of your business. Every business wants more, however… Is that more site visits? More search hits? More inquiries? More phone calls? More customers? More repeat business? More referrals? More shares? We ask the tough questions about your business goals and your strategic direction. We then merge a digital marketing strategy that supports those business goals.

Process: After determining a strategy – convert more page views to customers, for example – we examine your current process to see what you are doing well and what needs work or re-aligned. This could be as simple as a missing social sharing button on your blog posts, or more comprehensive such as reworking your entire content delivery strategy.

Technology: Now that we know what needs to change, we’ll find the tools you need to make those changes stick. At Innogage, we believe in partnering with the very best technology and service providers in the digital marketing world. Rather than reinvent the wheel, we’ll identify the products that fit your needs and help you integrate those tools into your current business practices.

Metrics: In addition to providing tools for your business, we build ways to measure the effectiveness of your strategies. After all, there’s no point to making changes that don’t yield the desired outcomes. If the changes are moving your business forward, we look at what’s possible at the next level. If not, we reassess the strategy, tweak the approach, and keep improving.

Digital marketing is constantly evolving and we are always improving our knowledge to better help you. Every business is different, so we don’t use a one-size-fits-all approach to digital marketing. Contact us to learn more about how we work with you to find an approach that meets your business needs.

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