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Lead Nurturing is a lot like dating. When a prospect visits your website, it’s like a first date – they are trying to get to know you a little.

Much like a first date, people don’t purchase on the first interaction with your company. Prospects need to be nurtured along the purchase funnel from prospect to customer. In fact, a prospect may need to interact with your brand or product SEVEN or more times before they are ready to talk Purchase. In the B2B world, this may be even higher.

Are you capturing contact information from the right website visitors? If so, you’re ahead of the game. But are you nurturing these leads or letting them walk away?

Lead nurturing is a process that can lead to huge conversions over time. However, if the execution is poor, it can destroy the user experience or  get you a reputation as a spammer! How can you nurture leads without smothering or annoying them?

  1. Highlight a need. Speak to them with their problems in mind, and position yourself to provide a solution.
  2. Minimize any barriers. Answer questions about your product or service so they will come back and purchase.

What might this look like?

  • Answer common follow-up questions on a timed interval using automation
  • Provide a learning series to increase use of a tool or method you sell
  • Send a professional reminder to what the user last viewed on your site
  • Offer a trial or sample and provide user support during the test period
  • Facilitate conversation between prospects about a common need or question

There are new and innovative nurturing methods and technologies coming out all the time and we want to share this information with you!

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